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Shelter and Care
Intake exam and essentials to care for an exploited child
Soccer Ball
Encourage exercise, teamwork, and fun with a gift that children love
Sports Shoes
Baseball and soccer cleats for after-school sports in the Dominican Republic
Student Field Trip
Help a child in the Dominican Republic attend a school field trip
Teacher of the Arts
Annual Salary for music, arts, and crafts teacher in Peru
Trauma Psychologist KE
Annual Salary to treat Kenyan children needing specialized, long-term treatment
Trauma Psychologist ZM
Annual Salary to treat Zambian children needing specialized, long-term treatment
Vacation Bible Camp
Send a Guatemala girl to Bible camp
Vaccinations & Exams
Help save precious lives by providing treatment and preventing disease
Where Need is Greatest
Can't decide which gift? Let us fill the need that's most urgent when your gift arrives.
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