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Independence Fund
Invest in a hard-working student dreaming of college - 1 year tuition aid
Help a child be ready for a bright future with a good night's sleep
Mosquito Bed Nets
Give a child life-saving protection from deadly malaria and Zika virus
Nourishing Food
Fight malnutrition with a gift of life-saving food for a special child - 1 family
Personal Care Kit
Help teach good, healthy habits that pave the way to a bright future
Give a child a clean, soft pillow for sweet dreams of the future
Rescue a Child
Help us offer rescue, shelter, healing, and hope to a child in danger
Safe Drinking Water
Help provide a thirsty family with freedom from water-related diseases - filter for 1 family
School Tuition
The gift of tuition can be one precious child’s path out of poverty
School Uniforms (including shoes)
Lack of proper clothing/shoes shouldn’t stand in the way of education
Soccer Ball
Encourage exercise, teamwork, and fun with a gift that children love
Sponsor a Child
Give a vulnerable child food, safe shelter, education, and health care
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