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Where Need is Greatest
Can't decide which gift? Let us fill the need that's most urgent when your gift arrives.
Vaccinations & Exams
Help save precious lives by providing treatment and preventing disease
Vacation Bible Camp
Send a Guatemala girl to Bible camp
Trauma Psychologist ZM
Annual Salary to treat Zambian children needing specialized, long-term treatment
Trauma Psychologist KE
Annual Salary to treat Kenyan children needing specialized, long-term treatment
Teacher of the Arts
Annual Salary for music, arts, and crafts teacher in Peru
Student Field Trip
Help a child in the Dominican Republic attend a school field trip
Sports Shoes
Baseball and soccer cleats for after-school sports in the Dominican Republic
Soccer Ball
Encourage exercise, teamwork, and fun with a gift that children love
Shelter and Care
Intake exam and essentials to care for an exploited child
School Tuition
Key to a child's success - year of tuition for 1 child
Safe Drinking Water
Help provide a thirsty family with freedom from water-related diseases - filter for 1 family
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