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Nourishing Food
Fight malnutrition with a gift of life-saving food for a special child - 1 family
Goat & Chickens Combo
1 goat + 2 chickens = years of nourishing milk, cheese, and eggs
Mosquito Bed Nets
Give a child life-saving protection from deadly malaria and Zika virus
Books and Games
Help make the Bible come alive through fun play and quality stories
School Tuition
Key to a child's success - year of tuition for 1 child
Safe Drinking Water
Help provide a thirsty family with freedom from water-related diseases - filter for 1 family
Kids get protein, calcium from bone-strengthening milk and cheese
Backpack with Supplies
Backpack filled with school supplies and a Bible
Provide years of muscle-building protein, and even income potential
Bibles (5)
Each child should have a copy of God’s Word, the call to new life
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