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Science Lab Kit
Help children in Lebanon learn and retain scientific principles
Teacher of the Arts
Annual Salary for music, arts, and crafts teacher in Peru
Mattress & Pillow
Gift a child a comfortable mattress & pillow and positive dreams for the future
Kitchen Supplies
Guatemala is opening a new residential home for girls and needs kitchen supplies
Headset for School
Give a headset to the school in Lebanon
Fuel 55 gal drum
Haiti needs fuel to power their bus and water pump
Fuel for a Month
Haiti needs fuel to power their bus and water pump
Student Field Trip
Help a child in the Dominican Republic attend a school field trip
Elementary Teacher
An additional licensed teacher for the Dominican Republic
Dental Hygienist
Help us provide dental care to all the students in the Dominican Republic
Classroom Aids
Therapeutic manipulatives and concentration aids for students in Kenya
Chairs for Chapel
Give one chapel chair for $25. 100 needed in Lebanon
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