Lighthouse Family Center

Lighthouse Family Center

Lighthouse Family Center serves children and families in an impoverished jungle community of San José, outside of Pucallpa, Peru. Started 36 years ago, the early ministry, then known as Misión TEC, provided technical training and Christian discipleship to young adults to help them break the cycle of poverty while introducing them to Jesus.

Our current goal is to strengthen and restore families in the community of San Jose. We offer trauma-informed care, Bible teaching, discipleship for new believers, marriage and family counseling, sewing and carpentry workshops with an emphasis in hands-on discipleship in coordination with the local church, and other support.

Abuse and trauma in families is common in Pucallpa, and we are working to help families break out of these negative cycles and move toward healthy relationships. And our prayer is that as these families are strengthened, they will then reach out to others in the community who need help.

Objectives for the coming year include more community engagement that will help us identify families in need, a focus on holistic care through family camps and couples retreats, and reaching men and women in the community through carpentry, welding, sewing, and other workshops. Our Families Together team of social worker and psychologist will provide a level of counseling and accompaniment that these families have not had before.

The needs are great, but we are hopeful for continued restoration and healing through the only true Light!

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