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Monthly Sponsorship $39.00
  • Gender Female
  • Country Guatemala
  • Birthday 9/29/2003
Merlyn lives with her family in a remote region at the base of an...
Monthly Sponsorship $39.00
  • Gender Female
  • Country Kenya
  • Birthday 6/12/2005
When Juliet's mother died, she went to live with her elderly, sick...
Monthly Sponsorship $39.00
  • Gender Female
  • Country Dominican Republic
  • Birthday 12/21/2007
Estefanis lives with her sister and aunt. Her mother works in...
Monthly Sponsorship $39.00
  • Gender Male
  • Country Dominican Republic
  • Birthday 4/4/2004
Antoni is the child of Haitian illegal immigrants. His mother...

Why should I sponsor?

As a child sponsor, you’ll be meeting the most pressing needs of a child. You’ll develop a meaningful relationship. And you’ll be able to teach the children in your life the importance of sharing with those in desperate need through your example.

You may give birth to a whole new generation of child sponsors!

And with Kids Alive International, you have the assurance of knowing that you are sponsoring through an organization with the highest financial and transparency standards of any child sponsorship organization in the world.

How can I interact with my child?

  • Receive personal letters and notes from your child and write back!
  • Get updates on your child’s progress in school and other activities
  • Enjoy contributing to special Treat Funds for Christmas and birthdays
  • Pray for your child and rest assured that he or she will learn about Jesus and have the chance to receive eternal life and hope
  • Plan a visit to meet your child

How can I choose a child?

Every day new children are available for sponsorship. If you are interested in a child with a background or ethnicity not listed online, please complete this form to let us know. We’ll do our best to match you and your family with the child you feel led to help!

Because of the comprehensive, holistic care that Kids Alive provides to our children and our desire to keep sponsorship affordable, more than one sponsor supports each of our children. For more information on this and other facets of our child sponsorship program, please visit our Sponsorship Basics and Sponsorship FAQ pages.

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