Vic & Leslie Trautwein

Vic & Leslie Trautwein

  • Country Dominican Republic
Vic and Leslie Trautwein came to Kids Alive International from Wheaton, Illinois, in February 2002. Vic serves as Co-Field Director/Director of Operations and Leslie is the Director of Preventative and Clinical Health Care and assists in communications. Vic and Leslie both graduated from Dartmouth College with degrees in Engineering (Vic) and Biochemistry (Leslie). Vic received his MBA from Stanford Business School and worked as General Manager at Weyerhaeuser company, while Leslie continued her medical schooling at Cornell University Medical College and Oakland Children's Hospital and worked at the University of Washington Department of Emergency Medicine. The Trautweins have four children: Samuel, Micah, Luke and Hannah.

Current projects in the Dominican Republic include expanding high school discipleship programs and the vocational and university scholarship programs. They are also converting the four care centers to private Christian schools over the next several years which will provide even more holistic care for the children they serve.

The Trautwein family likes to hike in the mountains and play various outdoor games like volleyball and soccer, and also enjoy reading. They said that “God allows us the privilege of seeing desperate lives transform to be impact Christians. He also provides for us and protects us in amazing ways.”

"We are grateful to God for the blessings in our life and consider it a privilege to help rescue and transform the lives of at risk children in the Dominican Republic. We are also grateful for the way God orchestrates so much help from churches, child sponsors, missionaries and our dedicated national workers. It's a blessing to be a small cog in God's giant wheel."---Vic Trautwein

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