Shirley Killosky

Shirley Killosky

  • Country Papua New Guinea
At a time in her life when most folks are retiring, Shirley Killosky is “still going strong!” Before moving to Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea in 1979 to work in literacy, she taught school in northwest Indiana. Shirley earned her B.S. in Education from Indiana University and a Master’s Degree from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Shirley founded the Hauna Schools where currently more than 700 students are enrolled in our elementary and high schools. Current responsibilities of Field Director and Supervisor for CODE High School in Hauna occupy most of Shirley’s time. Since Hauna Village affiliated with Kids Alive International in 1992, the Sepik Christian Ministries National Board was formed and the ministry continues to expand to remote jungle regions. Kids Alive has ongoing requests to open new schools “up river” to teach children and adults who have never had the opportunity to read, write or hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shirley loves to read, and reads two to three books a week thanks to her battery light, which she says stays on all night! Also, God seems to be keeping Shirley in good health in order to keep the high school going in Hauna.

As a mother of three adult children with their own families (James, Lisa and Donald), Shirley’s ongoing passion is to support and care for the people of Papua New Guinea where she has invested most of her life. “I saw how much the people in the jungle needed assistance in all areas of life – both physical and spiritual. I think there is still much to do and many people still need to be reached.” - Shirley Killosky

Currently they are working on maintenance on several buildings in order to keep up with the cut worms, which are destroying the wood very fast.

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