Fred & Kasandra O'Brien

Fred & Kasandra O'Brien

  • Country Dominican Republic
The O'Brien family has partnered with Kids Alive to help rescue abused, abandoned, and exploited children. Fred was born in Columbia; Kasandra, Giovanni (17) and Emily (12) were all born in Puerto Rico; Samuel (14) was born in Massachusetts and Miranda (9) was born in Connecticut. After five years of serving God in the Dominican Republic through one week mission trips, He provided this family the opportunity to serve Him with a two year commitment in Constanza. They believe God has blessed them so they can bless others.

They have been working hard to expand the “Colegio Cristiano Rio en el Desierto” (River in the Desert Christian School) facility, meet regulation requirements, and keep good communications with the parents of the 225 children that this ministry shepherds. Recently they began “Club UNI”, a discipleship program for boys and girls in the 6th thru 8th grades, in order to retain relationships with the middle school children. Kasandra is leading the girls program and Fred the boys. The program motivates students to improve their academics.

Kasandra finished a 3rd year of successful homeschool. She nurtures the Ark house moms with a weekly bible study. During the summer, she conducts an exercise session and teaches teens about personal care. Fred perseveres with the baseball ministry, coaches the girls soccer team and teaches English at the Care Center to students and adults. As an elder in the small but growing church, Fred and others are working towards a transition into a larger space, which is necessary to accommodate the increased number of visitors that have resulted from outreach efforts.

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