Sandra Vazquez

Sandra Vazquez

Greetings! My name is Sandra Vazquez, and I was born and raised in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I have lived in Kilgore, Texas since the age of 11. I recently received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas at Tyler, and plan to pursue my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling there. Ever since serving on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2019, my heart has longed to serve God. After praying and listening to that longing, God placed Kids Alive International in my path and the opportunity to serve in Guatemala this October.

At home I serve as one of the young adult group leaders in my Parish because I want to truly discover what purpose God has for me, while helping others find their purpose as well. Being in the field of Psychology has helped me to become more compassionate about the situations of others, and more eager to help those who struggle, especially from trauma background. I also love traveling, something that has instilled in me the desire to learn about other cultures and ways of life of other people. I am truly thankful and excited about serving in Guatemala and helping the children grow in their potential, but most importantly about sharing the love of God with them.

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