Care for Unsponsored Kids

Care for Unsponsored Kids

Kids Alive is committed to rescuing orphans and at-risk children and providing them with all they need to thrive and grow and walk into successful, independent lives. We believe the best way to accomplish this is by matching kids with sponsors, creating a two-way blessing and vibrant relationships. But while kids are waiting for sponsors, they still need all the benefits – physical, emotional, educational, spiritual – that sponsored kids receive.

In order to adequately minister to more than 1,000 children who don’t have sponsors yet, we need to raise $250,848 to care for them in the next few months. Your gift will help us meet this goal and will say, “I believe in you!” to a waiting child.

Want to have an ongoing ministry in a child’s life? If you believe God is leading you to sponsor one or more waiting kids, please click here for more information!

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