Corey Farr

Corey Farr

  • Country Lebanon
Corey grew up in New Hampshire and moved to the Chicago area in 2015 to pursue his M.Div and Master’s in New Testament Studies. In June 2018 he visited Lebanon for the first time as part of his internship with a local group working with refugees. The first stop on the trip was Kids Alive Lebanon. During his very first meeting with the director, Corey felt a reawakening of his passion for the Middle East and a deep desire to be part of the work there.

Corey will be teaching English for grades 4-6 at the school. He will also pioneer a music instruction program teaching guitar and piano, using his passion for music to provide a therapeutic outlet for children who have experienced a lot of trauma. In addition, he will help run the day-to-day activities for the boys who live at Dar El Awlad.

Corey's passions include working with kids and teenagers, playing music, teaching, writing, as well as learning languages, especially Arabic. He is incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to engage all of these interests in Lebanon. Corey will continue working on both his New Testament thesis and a Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies at a seminary in Beirut. Lastly, he looks forward to working with some Lebanese musicians he knows to complete the music for his third album, "Songs of the Refugees."

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