The Power of Two

The Power of Two

Your gift before December 31 finishes 2018 by making TWICE the difference!

So many of the children who come to us bring heartbreaking stories and bear the deep scars of abuse, betrayal, assault, extreme poverty – and so much more. But Kids Alive is staying on the front lines of rescue and restoration, even in the most difficult and dangerous situations.

Young Andrea came to Kids Alive after years of abuse and forced prostitution, unable to trust anyone and with the fresh news that she was pregnant. Without rescue she would still be at the mercy of her abusers and with no hope for the future.

Your gifts are making it possible for us to step into this kind of pain and make a difference for kids like Andrea before it’s too late, bringing hope into places where only hopelessness has reigned.

And now, because a generous Kids Alive donor shares your commitment to these kids, your gift before December 31 becomes The Power of TWO in the lives of our girls and boys.

Join with us today, and together we’ll have a “good return” (a double return!) for our labor!

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor…” Eccl.4:9 NIV

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