Santo Domingo East Site Partnership

Santo Domingo East Site Partnership

You can partner with Santo Domingo East to change children’s lives!

Our ministry was originally opened as a care center by a Kids Alive missionary who pioneered a work to reach out to the needy children that flocked to her every day.

In August of 2017, we successfully converted our center into an accredited school, allowing us to offer a quality education to about 120 students. In addition to educational opportunities, we also provide nutritious meals and medical care, and we’ve recently completed a shaded playground area, added English classes, and started a girls’ soccer club.

Becoming a Site Partner…

Your commitment of $100 a month establishes you as a Santo Domingo East Site Partner and gives you access to:

      • • A Site Partner exclusive URL for you to access the latest site news, staff profiles, prayer requests, and photos of site activities and events, including the construction, remodeling, and upgrades your gifts are making possible
      • • Two in-depth progress reports per year
      • • Introductions and stories of individual children whose lives are being changed

Jesus said, “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?” We have counted the cost, and we’re seeking those who will join us in being good stewards of all He has given us!

Support the ministry of Santo Domingo East with your commitment today!

Support the Ministry of Santo Domingo East Site Partnership with Your Gift Today.

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