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Oasis / La Arquilla Site Partnership

You can partner with Oasis to change children’s lives!

Guatemala is a country that struggles with deep poverty and tragic social issues. It ranks among the worst places for child malnutrition and child trafficking, and the country suffers from systemic, generational cycles of physical and sexual abuse. And more than 250,000 primary-school-aged children are not receiving any education at all.

In a structured community of family-style homes, Oasis provides a safe haven for Guatemalan girls who were rescued from dangerous environments. Some of them were forced into child labor, while others have experienced horrific abuse. They come to us in court-ordered protective custody, and all bears the scars of exploitation.

Some of the young girls cared for by Oasis are pregnant as a result of sexual abuse. Our La Arquilla program at Oasis provides specialized support for these girls, many of them pre-teens, and we care for them through the childbirth experience and help them navigate life as young mothers. As the girls continue their education, our onsite care center lovingly cares for their babies.

Kids Alive offers these precious girls a loving home with Christian house parents, and the girls have access to trauma-focused therapy to help heal emotional wounds. They attend school, many for the first time, and we provide legal support in pursuing justice on their behalf. Oasis cases are convicted at a rate of 70%, which is 12 times the national average. Living up to its name, Oasis provides love, care, and the water of Life to girls being rescued from the desert of abuse.

Becoming a Site Partner…

Your commitment of $50 or $100 a month establishes you as an Oasis / La Arquilla Site Partner, and you will receive:

  • • Two reports per year regarding the impact your gifts are making
  • • Personal stories of the individual children whose lives are being transformed
  • • Opportunities to join live webinars with the Country Director and other staff as they share the latest news, prayers requests, and site activities with you
  • • Email alerts in the case of national or local emergencies or situations impacting our work

Jesus said, “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?” We have counted the cost, and we’re seeking those who will join us in being good stewards of all He has given us!

Support the ministry of Oasis / La Arquilla with your commitment today!

Support the Ministry of Oasis / La Arquilla Site Partnership with Your Gift Today.

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