Kids Alive Academy

Kids Alive Academy

The Kids Alive Academy is located close to Katongo Village, near Mongu, Zambia. The original school was opened in May 2003 under the direction of a local man who had a calling to help orphaned and vulnerable children in the community. Like many areas of Zambia, this region has been devastated by the AIDS epidemic, which has left many children without resources or the opportunity to receive an education.

At the beginning of 2013, the school moved to a new location nearby where four new classrooms have been constructed. We plan to build five more classrooms and a vocational center in the coming years. More than 400 children attend the school each day, and we are working to continue development of the curriculum programs.

Classes include English, mathematics, science, and Bible, taught to students from grades one through seven. In addition, children receive a lunchtime meal, and for many of them this is the only food they will eat each day.

Kids Alive is committed to making sure each child hears about the good news of Jesus’ love for them, and this is our most important mission.

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