Lilato Children's Home

Lilato Children's Home

Since 2002, five different Kids Alive children’s homes have been established in Mongu, a remote village in western Zambia that has been devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We began the construction of our Children’s Village in 2009, and there are currently three children’s homes, a central hall, and kitchen.

Eventually we plan to have six homes on this site, each housing about sixteen children who are lovingly cared for by our committed staff. As in every Kids Alive home, each child has a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals, good health care and medical attention, and each one learns daily about the love of Christ. Most of the children at our homes attend local government schools. In addition to the homes at the Children’s Village, we have a fourth home in another part of the village for our youngest children, many of whom were abandoned as babies.

One of our site projects, the vegetable garden at Lilato, has seen encouraging growth as a result of partnership with the American Embassy and the community in Mongu. The garden is an effective way to increase our ability to feed children as well as to network and build relationships with local leaders and villagers.

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