Hall Mead School

Hall Mead School

In 2006, a group of young people from Hall Mead School in England completely renovated a former stable into a school for our children at Karundas Children’s Home. Hence, the school was named in their honor. The school provides nursery and primary school education for our younger residential children from Karundas, along with poor children from the surrounding communities. In addition to a quality education, these kids receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch, uniforms, school supplies, and medical care.

The local community has a high number of children performing manual labor just to survive, and these children are often the breadwinners for an entire family unit. Driven by desperation to survive, they sometimes wander into our school in search of a meal or help for a dying relative.

Our goal is to offer them much more than the meal they were seeking. While we do not have residential services, we provide two or three meals every day. And we give them the opportunity for a great education that can help them achieve a brighter future. Currently, 280 children in Kindergarten through eighth grade are learning and growing here.

We recently purchased two buses which transport the school children. Before we had the buses, some children walked two hours each way to school every day. Now they save that energy and time for more study or helping their families with household tasks.

The county government has recognized Hall Mead School for its quality education. Because it is highly regarded, our school was identified as one to measure other schools against, and teachers are now sent to our school to learn how to improve.

Of course, we know that all the healthy meals and quality instruction can never be enough if the children do not know Jesus. We are committed to making sure each student hears daily about the love, mercy, and healing power that Jesus offers them.

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