Karundas Children’s Home

Karundas Children’s Home

The Karundas Children’s Home, about three hours north of the capital city of Nairobi, is a 50-acre farm where approximately 60 children between the ages of 4 and 18 years live and thrive. In four separate houses, we provide loving care for children who desperately need a stable home.

Some of the children come to us as infants, often orphaned or abandoned by parents due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Sadly, many of the children in our care are HIV-positive. We also take in vulnerable girls from surrounding communities who would otherwise face cultural and social challenges such as underage marriage, sexual abuse, and lack of education.

The Esther House, like our other independence homes worldwide, was opened to meet the need for safe transitional housing for girls who grew up in our care. Before they re-enter society as an adult and carve out a life for themselves, they need guidance in building job and financial skills and other elements of responsible living. Though our legal responsibility to them ends when they are 18, our moral responsibility does not, and we do all we can to walk with them to confident, successful lives.

In addition to the daily care we provide at Karundas, we also seek to facilitate the building or rebuilding of relationships with trusted family members or guardians. These relationships are important for them, creating a family identity and emotional support that will be crucial in their young adult years. And most importantly, every child hears about the amazing grace of God, and how much He loves them.

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