Onesiphorus Children's Home

Onesiphorus Children's Home

In 1971, the Onesiphorus Polio Home was founded in the town of Taitung in southeastern Taiwan to care for children stricken by a devastating polio epidemic. When the polio vaccine became more available, the Home shifted its focus toward caring for children from dysfunctional family backgrounds, as well as those disabled by other diseases or accidents. To reflect this change in focus, Kids Alive later changed the name to the Onesiphorus Children’s Home.

The campus of the Onesiphorus Children's Home includes family-style homes, each designed for eight to twelve children. Loving house parents, a chapel, auditorium, library, computer lab, classrooms, staff housing, offices, and facilities for sports are all available as we holistically care for each child. The Home currently houses children from Kindergarten through high school age, and provides them with love, a quality education, medical care, nutritious meals, and the good news about the love of Jesus.

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