"The largest humanitarian tragedy of our time" is not beyond our great

It’s been called "the largest humanitarian tragedy of our time,” and for good reason: war has now forced over half of all Syrians from their homes. And Lebanon has become a safe refuge for more than 1.5 million refugees who have fled the brutal war in neighboring Syria.

Just imagine if something similar forced half of the residents of the United States to flee their homes…where would you go? And imagine barely escaping with your life, only to find yourself and your children in a cauldron of disease, poverty, and hopelessness.

On this #GivingTuesday, join us in serving the desperate, innocent children who are now at risk of, hunger, exposure, violence, and horrific exploitation. Our Oasis Refugee Center is helping Syrian refugee children by providing:

· Nutritious food

· Clothing and other necessities they had to leave behind

· Introduction to the Gospel

· Basic education, with the goal of integrating them into our School program

· Support and counseling for children and their mothers

· Compassionate Christian care

We’re working urgently to expand our capabilities, because there are so many more children who deserve a second chance at life and have nowhere else to turn.

When you celebrate #GivingTuesday with a gift of $100, $50, $30, or any amount you can afford, you’ll help provide a loving, hopeful future for these precious and innocent children!

You can show a refugee family that you care on #GivingTuesday!

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