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Shared Cow
Milk to keep a family healthy and income from selling the surplus
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Soccer Ball
Encourage exercise, teamwork, and fun with a gift that children love
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Sponsor a Child
Give a vulnerable child food, safe shelter, education, and health care
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Star Light, Star Bright
A beautiful children’s Christmas booklet written especially for KAI!
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Unique Gift Set
Necklace and earring set made by creative young women in Lebanon
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Unique Necklace
Purchase this beautiful piece from an entrepreneurial mom in Lebanon
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Vaccinations & Exams
Help save precious lives by providing treatment and preventing disease
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Warm Blankets
Provide needed protection from the elements with this comforting gift
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Where Need is Greatest
Can't decide which gift? Let us fill the need that's most urgent when your gift arrives.
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Whole Cow
Milk to nourish a family plus vital income from selling the leftovers
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