Susanna Frusti

Susanna Frusti

  • Country Dominican Republic
After graduating from Bethel College in Northern Indiana, Susanna began working as a registered nurse in an emergency department. Soon, God began to open the door for her to step out internationally, and she was introduced to Kids Alive International. “Since I was a kid, it has been a dream of mine to serve overseas, so when God began to open the way for me to go, I was overjoyed!” She is passionate about serving children, for the arts, and for learning and living within other cultures.

Susanna’s excitement grew as she learned about Kids Alive’s vision to work with children at risk and to reach those with the greatest need. “Jesus calls us to be like children, so what better way to learn from them but by caring for them and loving them?” After visiting Kids Alive Dominican Republic in the summer of 2015 and witnessing the incredible work being done there to change lives, Susanna joined the Kids Alive team.

Susanna has been on medical leave since June 2017. Thanks to the Lord and others praying for her, she is now able to continue her work with Kids Alive here in the United States with some time spent in the DR. She works in health care, child protection, and trauma training; and provides staff training to those who wish to work with the children’s medical needs.

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